Commission Nixes Later Last Call for Strip Club

family guy clubThe Lauderhill City Commission spent about an hour last night considering the request of a strip club, Vegas Cabaret, to serve alcohol for an additional two hours each day. City law prohibits adult establishments from serving alcohol after 2:00 AM.

Vegas Cabaret’s manager made a presentation where he hyped his credentials as an expert in strip club management. Under his leadership, the establishment has thrived, making it one of the most successful adult clubs in South Florida. He explained that a professional choreographer had been hired, and employees are given assistance with earning their GED’s.

The manager stated that he was willing to abide by the numerous recommendations made by city staff, such as building a wall between the back of the club and houses in Inverrary. He also talked about the steps that were being taken with security, such as scanning ID’s and hiring armed security guards.

He also offered to “meet the city half-way.” Adult clubs are allowed by city law to stay open 24 hours a day. Vegas Cabaret would agree to close at 4:00 AM if the city would allow them to serve alcohol between 2:00 and 4:00.

Commissioners were skeptical. Apparently Vegas Cabaret receives quite a few police calls. There is an average of ten police calls per month. Some of the incidents were minor, such as loitering or disorderly conduct. Other incidents were far more serious, including stabbings and shootings. In one such episode, a security guard employed by the club fired a warning shot into the air outside the club.

The club manager tried to explain the incidents as a combination of Lauderhill’s high crime rate and the success of the club. Commissioners were not pleased and noted that the crime rate in Lauderhill has been falling.

Seeing that the Commission was going to turn down the request, the club’s attorney asked that the matter be tabled for six months so that they can have time to clean up their act. Commissioners declined and unanimously voted down the proposal.

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